Eco Friendly

We are a couple living in the Mountain region of Cork, called Mushera. We are located along the Butter road near the Kerryman’s Table, which is half way along the old road between Killarney and Cork city. The cottage we live in is over 150 years old. It’s an old ‘rambling house’ with a stone front.
We opened this Eco Friendly small holding for camping early in 2014, it includes three Camping Pods. Here we provide outdoor activities such as historical walking tours, cycling, and fishing.

 We have been accredited with Ecotourism Ireland Bronze Level

EcoTourism Ireland - Bronze

Mission Statement:

Our aim is to protect the natural beauty, wildlife and fauna of our surroundings.
Our tourists can explore and enjoy the natural landscape, through walking and cycling, learn about the history and culture, eat home grown and locally sourced products, leaving a minimum carbon footprint, while enjoying an activity holiday and immersion in the community.

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