Biodiversity / Conservation

Biodiversity / Conservation

We do not use any chemical pesticides or fertilizers on our garden or on our food products. We work with nature, making nettle or comfrey fertilizer and using organic manure, green manure, seaweed etc.

We have a native wild flower garden in the spring and late summer to encourage biodiversity. This helps support a wide range of species such as bees, ladybirds, butterflies etc. It also encourages frogs which are a natural pesticide against slugs.

We encourage birds into our garden and have birdfeeders and nesting boxes. We have many plants with berries which is also a good source of food for them (such as, wild strawberries, wild blackberry, holly and cotoneaster).

Across the road from our house we have a patch of land (blanket bog) some 12 acres in size. This area has been untouched by anything unnatural since we came here and we are keeping it as a nature reserve, for birds and wildlife. Here we have mallard ducks; otter, shrew, to name but a few. Red squirrel has also been seen in the neighbouring An Coillte forests. Our local area is the habitat of the protected hen harrier, which has been spotted on numerous occasions.


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