Nature Based Experience

Nature Based Experience

‘CON-TOURS’  Mushera.

Join our walk up Musheramore Mountain, starting just opposite Millstreet Country Park, 3km from our pod site. We would encourage people to walk, cycle or carpool to the start destination. It’s a refreshing daytrip, a walk into the pure and natural, a treasure-trove of biodiversity where native plants and wildlife continue to survive. The climb is 60 minutes to the top (at a moderate pace) but allowance would be made for observations of fauna, the pace of the group etc. We will break at the top for a singsong and snack; guests would bring their own sandwiches/water. Allow ~3 hours for the duration of the walk.

  • Following this we would like to bring our give our guests the optional extra of visiting Millstreet Country Park Here our visitors can also take in the beauty of the gardens and sample the local food, and acclaimed culinary delights from ‘Nibbles’ award winning restaurant.

musheramore Millstreet Country Park

Pricing: Price per person €10 (optional Extra: €20 inclusive of a set lunch/transport to Millstreet Country Park).

Students/under sixteen’s €8 (optional extra as above €18). Children under ten accompanied by adult/s are free (lunch will not be included). Groups of five or more get 10% discount.

Package start and end dates:  March 15tht to Oct 29st

Duration: Half a day

 HISTORICAL cycling tours

 Our location is central to a recognized cycling trail known as The Aghinagh Way. We’ll visit by bicycle and foot several key archaeological/historical sites which are within a 15km radius of a central location.“ As regards stone circles, gallauns, forts, etc., the area is typical of the whole Blackwater and Mushera region in having a large concentration, the largest concentration in the country.” Quote from Jack Lane of The Aubane Historical Society, (Book: ‘Where in the World is Aubane’).

Along the journey you will be regaled with tales of times past, the area is steeped in history, i.e. accounts of the infamous highwayman Simon Browne (Simon lived across the field from our cottage), the entrepreneur John Murphy who was responsible for building the Butter road (1748), The Bard, a local hero and legend from Kilcorney; King Mahon, (older brother of Brian Boru) who was murdered and buried in the Mushera hills.

Wedge Tomb Stone circle

Pricing: Inclusive of set lunch at Millstreet Country Park. Price per person €30.

Students/under sixteen’s/unemployed €22. Children under ten accompanied by adult/s are free (lunch not included). Groups of five or more get 10% discount.  Minimum 3, maximum 15 per trip.

Package start and end dates:  March 15 th to Oct 29th ; Duration: Day trip;

Booking terms

 Booking required three days in advance, but will be taken on the same day if available.

  1. For groups or individuals a 15% deposit must be paid in advance of the experience.
  2. Children must be accompanied by an adult.
  3. The guide must be made aware of any illness, disability or medication required by participants before beginning the experience.
  4. Obey the ‘Leave no Trace’ Code of conduct. Details on this will be provided by the guide.
  5. Do not take anything from the habitats visited during this experience unless permission is granted by the guide.


Cancellation Policy

If the event is canceled due to incremental weather etc., a full refund will be provided, unless the participant is interested in attending a reschedule date for the event. Cancellations will be accepted 24 hours in advance, after which deposit will not be refunded.


 Where the participant is not satisfied with the experience the payment for the experience is refunded. Participants are taking part in the experience at their own risk.



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